We invest in projects and enterprises that accelerate the transition to a net-zero Halifax for everyone.

Through our direct investing program, we are looking to offer novel financing structures to accelerate measurable, equitable, meaningful and scalable climate solutions. HCi3’s investments will help to overcome barriers to low-carbon solutions and catalyze opportunities to scale greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions with a strong focus on the areas of accessibility, equity and community building.

We are mainly seeking opportunities as a co-investor. Investing with others will enable HCi3 to invest in larger transactions accelerating climate action in Halifax and beyond.

We aim to allocate between $500,000 to $1,000,000 annually with a minimum investment of $100,000 per project.

Contact investments@hci3.ca with any questions about proposed projects or complete our Direct Investing Inquiry Form.


    We are looking to invest in catalytic, strategic and/or innovative solutions in support of:

    • New financing and deployment models for proven low-carbon technologies
    • The scale up of solar, with a focus on equity and inclusion (e.g., solar gardens)
    • Scaling deep energy building retrofits and testing new retrofit models
    • Developing net-zero new construction
    • Facilitating the shift to low-carbon transportation (e.g., electric mobility and charging infrastructure)
    • Investing in new technologies to support renewable energy (e.g., battery storage)
    • Social innovation and shifts in behaviors, systems, and practices
    • Reducing financial, regulatory, and social/cultural barriers to the adoption of low-carbon solutions

    We’re looking for projects that have:

    • Significant GHG reduction potential in the short and long term
    • A focus on HRM, although we can invest anywhere as long as there are demonstrated local benefits within HRM
    • Community benefits including economic, social, and environmental benefits
    • Proven technologies that are verifiable by a qualified third party
    • Scalable business opportunities

Investment Criteria

To see how investment opportunities will be evaluated, you can view the full evaluation scorecard.

Download the Evaluation Scorecard
  • Financing Structures

    We are aiming to offer financing solutions that generate market-based returns, are easy to access and have low transaction costs. These include, but aren’t limited to:

    • Term loans
    • Community bonds
    • Revolving loan or line of credit
    • Equipment leasing
    • Loan guarantees
    • Equity investments

Want to learn more?

Please reach out to the HCi3 team at investments@hci3.ca with any questions or to discuss a proposed project.

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