An upcoming graduate of Dalhousie University with a double major in Management and Sustainability, Jessica Pawlovich is working on a greener future that extends nation-wide. Her position at Halifax Climate Investment, Innovation, and Impact Fund (HCi3) as Climate Finance Intern is supported by the Clean Foundation’s Clean Leadership program. The organization’s aim is to foster opportunities for youth as clean energy leaders, and Pawlovich has found her place at HCi3.

Pawlovich was not previously in the field of climate finance, and her work at HCi3 was revelatory for her. “I would say that [HCi3] has changed the trajectory of my thinking, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that climate finance is one of the most important things for achieving net-zero in all of these climate goals.” Although Jessi has taken courses in sustainable finance, she has not worked in this field prior. This position has given her the opportunity to gain experience and “learn so much more about it”.

During her time this summer at HCi3, Pawlovich has been focused on the writing of a technical paper evaluating the finance tools available to implement climate action. Through the publishing of this paper, Pawlovich and the rest of the HCi3 team are hoping to educate on these tools and allow people the knowledge to make informed decisions.

When asked about her time at HCi3 and how it had impacted her journey, Pawlovich stated that she’s “looking to create widespread change as opposed to creating individual change, that’s what I used to focus on. Organizations [like HCi3] are the key to solving sustainability issues”. Jessica Pawlovich concludes her work term in August, but effects of her efforts at HCi3 will remain an asset to the organization for years to come.