An unlikely pairing of Acting and History of Science combines in current King’s student James Ersil,  and fuels their belief in the power of social media to create communication and engagement that changes people’s lives. Their position at Halifax Climate Investment, Innovation, and Impact Fund (HCi3) as Content and Social Media Intern is supported through a partnership between the University of King’s College’s KELP (King’s Experimental Learning Program) and RBC Future Launch.

RBC Future Launch is “committed to help young Canadians prepare for a drastically changing workforce [through] growing their network, acquiring work experience, and gaining skills”. Ersil says that this program has “allowed them the opportunity to work in a corporate setting and establish connections in an ever-changing industry”.

The internship this summer centers around the creation of an HCi3 “Social Media Guide and Calendar”, as well as profiling the recipients of the grant program. The goal of the guide is to streamline HCi3’s content postings to encourage engagement and positive brand image, while exposing more of the public to the work that is being done in the area of climate action in Halifax and across the country. Through an analysis of HCi3’s LinkedIn and Twitter Ersil is looking to solidify HCi3’s presence, as well as create a sustainable growth plan for the future.

When asked about their time at HCi3 and what it means for their future, Ersil stated that they are “so grateful for the opportunity to work in a space and a job that is all about innovation, and that [their] time at HCi3 has showed them the innovative possibilities for employment that exist within both the social media and climate sectors”. They are concluding their internship in late October, but their social media guide will hopefully help HCi3 well after their departure.